Gypsy Flow

Life is best lived savoring every breath and moment of the journey; the journey is the destination. Gypsy Flow Yoga is always fresh, surprising, and uplifting. “I want to share the feeling that years of traveling freely gifted me, into my classes.” Full of creative sequencing and inspiration, Gypsy Yoga is a physically challenging, yet deeply spiritual practice. We train our body temples to reach peak optimization so that we can harness more light, more love, more divinity. Gypsy Flow juxtaposes demanding aerobic sequences with juicy, fluid sequencing, with luscious moments of freedom where the practitioner can listen to their inner teacher. Interweaving positive visualization, affirmation work, pranayama, mantra, and meditation into the practice, gypsy yoga flow is truly a practice meant to journey into the depths of our inner light.

Each class is an opportunity to build community, and together we create a safe, open, and nonjudgemental environment where we can evolve. “It isn’t about doing or not doing any asana, it’s about where our mind is at, what our internal dialogue is teaching us about who we are and how we operate in the world. The yoga is an opportunity to grow, and to break free of our own self-imposed limitations, so that we can thrive, and live the vibrant, lives that we were meant to live.”

From kirtan to kundalini, singing bowls to gongs, guest DJ’s to live medicine music, conscious kickboxing to salsa breakouts, Ann pulls from her eclectic community of kindred spirits to bring guest artists into her classes and workshops. You never know what magic lies in store, and that is part of the gypsy flow vibe: free, open to the adventure, open to shining out that beautiful divinity that lies within!